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Yorkshire air Ambulance donation

We are committed to working with our charity partners and value the tremendous hard work and efforts carried out by charity organisations every day.

Wentbridge House is proud to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and so far we have raised in excess of £50,000 for this wonderful charity.

Over the years, we have supported Yorkshire Air Ambulance in a multitude of ways, including playing host to three big events marking annual Yorkshire Day celebrations, providing raffle prizes for fundraising events, hosting Charity luncheon’s, as well asking hotel guests for a £1 donation to Yorkshire Air Ambulance for every room booked.

We are grateful that our guests are as keen as we are to support The Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We’re of course proud of this achievement and will continue to raise funds where we can and hopefully we’ll soon be at the 100,000 mark.

Catherine Hardy, General Manager

We would like to thank Wentbridge House for their continued support and generosity over the last 10 years and congratulate them on achieving their phenomenal £50,000 fundraising milestone. It costs £12,000 a day to keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances maintained and in the air and the money raised will help significantly towards the vital funding of our service.

Kerry Dwyer, Fundraising Director (South & West) Yorkshire Air Ambulance

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